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These are cycle-tourism / cycle-sports events, referred to as TOUR DEL JUGUETE Costa Blanca International and miniTOUR del JUGUETE (hereon-in THE EVENTS) disputed through the roads of the province of Alicante.  The start and finish is in IBI (Alicante) on the 3rd June 2017 with varying start times from IBI’s Sports Centre.


The organisation of THE EVENTS corresponds only to club called CLUB CICLISTA IBENSE, registered address at C/ Onil, 49 in IBI, Alicante.  Inscribed in the Valencian Communities Sporting Entities Official Register number 1599, section 01, and Royal Spanish Cycling Federation number ESP19890530.


Registration is by internet on the following website: www.tourdeljuguete.com where you can find the online registration form, and acceptance document of the regulations and possible risks during the running of the event.

1) Registration is personal and not transferable, and in acceptance of all the clauses in these regulations.  

2) The event is open to all participants of any sex over the age of 18 years, and to all nationalities holders or not of a federation license. 

3) Only those licenses issues by the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation or from federations corresponding to those countries associated to the UCI (International Cycling Union).

4) Prices for the event are as follows;

·  23€ for cyclists federated with the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation. Option LOW COST.
·  33€ for cyclists NOT federated with the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation, and the organisers subscribe them to insurance. Option LOW COST.
·  45€ for cyclists federated with the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation.
·  50€ for cyclists NOT federated with the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation, and the organisers subscribe them to insurance.
·  55€ for cyclists federated with the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation.
·  60€ for cyclists NOT federated with the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation, and the organisers subscribe them to insurance.

5) Registration closes on the 14st May or when the number of participants limit of 1.800 is reached. 

6) Registration name changes will not be accepted, nor size changes for the JERSEY after the 1st May.

7) Name changes carry an additional cost of 3€.

8) Each participant in the event takes part under their own responsibility and declares to be in optimum physical condition, and when they collect their participants number are obliged to hand in their signed document of acceptance of the regulations and possible risks. 

9) The organisation will hold a Civil Responsibility Insurance Policy in accordance to current legislation for all those participants who register who are not holders of a federation license, they will also be covered by an Accident Insurance Policy contracted by the organisation.  The remainder of participants will be covered by the insurance policy linked to their federation license issued by the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation. 

10) Collection of participants numbers will take place at the starting line area on Friday 2nd June from 18h until 21h, and on Saturday 3rd June from 06:30h until 07:30h.

11) To collect participants numbers you must present your I.D. & Federation License (those who hold one), & present your signed responsibility document.

12) If you are unable to collect your number, a family member, friend, club colleague can collect it for you…, with a photocopy of your I.D. & Federation License (those who hold one), and your signed responsibility document.  No numbers will be given out without presenting these documents. 

13) Participants who do not collect their jersey during the stipulated times will loose their right to it and will not be able to collect it at another time.

14) It is obligatory to use an approved helmet throughout the route. 


1. The organisation will not assume any responsibility in the event of extraordinary weather conditions or for reasons out of their control and will not refund any part of the registration fee. 

2. Refunds to the TOUR del JUGUETE could only be considered in the following cases:

3. If the cancelation is notified within 20 days of the event, 50% of the value of the registration will be refunded.  The refund will be made to the same credit/debit card which it was paid for.

4. During the last 20 days before the event no refunds of the registration fee for any type of reason including injury, accidents, journeys, working hours changes, etc. 

5. Participantes who cancel their entry will not receive the impermeable jersey which is exclusive to participants.

6. Participants who cannot assist the event will not be able to transfer their registration to another person after the 1st May 2017 under any circumstances, including those in the above clause.

7. For all participants who cannot assist the event and have paid their Cyclist Pack, it can be collected by a family member, friend, club colleague…, with a photocopy of your I.D. No packs will be handed out to anyone without this document.


There are two different optional start times for each event in function of the following parameters. 

·  Start time at 07:30h: Participants who complete the event between 6 to 7 hours, with an average speed of 20km/h to 24km/h.

·  Start time at 08:30h: Participants who complete the event between 4’10” and 4’45”, with an average speed of 25km/h to 34km/h.

We advise you start at the times and average speeds that you think you will achieve within the event.  Take into consideration the Feed Stops within the established times/speeds.  If you are new and don’t know which time to start, we advise you to start at the 1st start time at 07h.

The finish line will open at 12:30h, you cannot pass the finish line before this time. 


The organisation will provide 4 Feed Stops solid and liquid with food and drink.  Volunteers at Feed Stops will only allow access to cyclists who wear the participants wrist band.

The organisation reserve the right to change the location of the Feed Stops for reasons out of their control, the new locations would be previously announced at the start.

·  1º Feed Stop      km 41,7                Torremanzanas                              solid & liquid

·  2º Feed Stop      km 87                   Penáguila                                      solid & liquid 

·  3º Feed Stop      km 101,6              Torremanzanas                               solid & liquid

·  4º Feed Stop      km 125,6              Puerto de La Carrasqueta                solid y liquid

The organisation will have a float of vehicles throughout the route, also 2 fixed mechanics assistance points, a bus service to pick up any participant who cannot continue because of a fault, tiredness or injury.

Authorised vehicles of the event will have visible identification at all times. The 3 cut off points are as follows;

·  1º Control Point      km 41,7      Torremanzanas                             closing time 10:30

·  2º Feed Stop      km 55             Cruce crta. Vieja Relleu-Tudons      closing time 11:00

·  3º Feed Stop      km 92             Benifallim                                     closing time 12:30


Control and regulation of traffic in the public highway will be the responsibility of the Security Forces, but you also have to remember that the route is open to traffic and that above all, you must ride abiding by traffic rules and regulations. 

The TOUR del JUGUETE is not a competition but a cycle-tourism event.  This should be taken into careful consideration when passing through towns and villages, ride on the right, take roundabouts and judge intersections, down hill climbs etc.  The event has an extensive medical service with various mobile units, all medical staff have the authorisation to remove any participant for medical reasons. 

We recommend you carry your charged mobile phone with you during the event.  Your mobile will be essential in case of any fault or medical issue buy calling the numbers as indicated on your participants number plate and route planner.


The TOUR del JUGUETE is NOT a race therefore qualifying times will not be given in order of finish.  However in order to measure finish times there will be electronic timing so that each participant will know their total time to complete the event.  For each participant to  record their total time they should correctly fix their number plate, on the handlebars and without folding it, and they must pass through the start and finish arcs.


Considered as a cycle-tourism event with open traffic, participants are considered to be on a personal excursion, and must respect highway regulations, responding to instructions from Officials and event organisers.  You are therefore reminded that traffic will remain open and the need to take extreme care with the various down hill climbs and the various junctions which are not manned by organisation staff, likewise the obligatory use of an approved helmet. 

We all win with these rules and for many years will continue to enjoy the TOUR del JUGUETE.

·  Traffic will be controlled, but open, participants must respect the current highway regulations and respect drivers throughout the route.

·  Respect Environmental Health.  To reduce any effect on the environment, participants will use bins at Feed Stops to throw their waste away, and will refrain from throwing anything in the road throughout the route. 

·  Be civilised at the Feed Stops.

Remember that behind you are more participants who like you will also want to eat and drink.

Only take what is necessary to make it to the next Feed Stop.

Don’t stop with your bike in front of the Feed Stop to refill your bottle, this creates queues.

Don’t pee next to the Feed Stops, some participants will pass that Feed Stop after 6 hours, it is very unpleasant.  There are toilets at the Feed Stops.

·  The entire cycle-tourism event will be sign posted by the organisation with yellow and black arrows and in the most conflictive points. 

The organisation asks all participants, guests and supporters to cooperate in the preservation of the environment.  Throughout the route in the meeting areas and rest areas there will be containers to throw your waste away.  Any participant who is found throwing any type of waste anywhere not in a waste container, or doing anything that could harm the environment, will be immediately expelled from the event and reported by the organisation to the authorities. 


Participants of THE EVENTS exempt the event organisers, as well as its board of directors and / or any natural or legal person linked to the organisation of the event; of accidents which could occur due to the events being cycle-tourism events - open to traffic; of any medical issues, imprudence, negligence which could arise from any circumstances which could occur due to intersections not controlled by the organisation; of dangerous sections in which participants must take extreme care; of accidents which could happen on sections of damaged or defected road; of the possibility of causing an accident to a person outside of the event, thus the participant assuming total responsibility from it; of accidents or incidents caused by not respecting the highway regulations.  Failure to respect the traffic code is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the offender. 

Once registration is complete, each participant accepts these regulations in their entirety.


For simply registering in the event, participants have rights to the following:

·  The Cyclists Pack with various gifts for each participant.

·  High quality impermeable Jersey (GABBA) from GSport.

·  Collectors Trophy (“landmark”)  

·  Diploma to accredit your time, downloadable from www.tourdeljuguete.com

·  Participation in a draw to win one of 50 toy prizes, which will be held the day before the event and will be announced on the Social Network and lists will be available on the marquee information board.

·  Participants number plate with chip for the front of your bike.

·  A participants wrist band which must be worn throughout the event and after to access the various facilities.

·  The wrist band is obligatory for all participants so all personnel implicated in the event can identify at all times who are or not participants.  Without the wrist band participants will not be able to access the various facilites available to them after the event.

·  Neither will they have access to mechanics service points or Feed Stops. 

·  Remember the size of the jersey is a tight fit, participants who prefer a more relaxed fit should ask for one or two sizes more. 

Additional services:

·  A minimum of 2 ambulances & 2 doctors plus 1 fixed medical point.

·  Foods solid and liquid at each Feed Stop.

·  Mechanical assistance throughout the event plus 2 fixed points.

·  Bus collection service for drop outs. 

·  Changing rooms and showers in Ibi Sports Centre.

·  Bike Storage Service.

·  Lunch at the end of the event.

·  Massage after finishing. 

·  Commemorative event gift.

·  Gift bag and prize draw.

·  Open air swimming pool for participants, if the weather permits. 


Registration gives authorisation for free use of participants name, videos and their photos, in broadcast media (television and / or radio programs), in the press, in any other type of accredited media related to the event. Under the provisions of the of the Organic Law 15/1999, 13 of December, of Personal Data Protection, you are informed that your participation in the event implies your consent for your personal details to be held by the organisations existing database.  The main purpose of this database is to manage and develop the said event and posterior mailings of related information of offers or sports events, unless you agree otherwise. 

Under the aforementioned laws, you have the right to oppose, access, change and remove your details.  For this reason here we explain how you can exercise you right to do so:  Do DELETE your details from our data base you only need to send and email to [email protected] o by FAX to 902 879 540 indicating your circumstances. 

The organisers inform participants that a third party will have exclusive rights to obtain photographs in connection with the event and related events. The said third party, as assignee of the indicated audiovisual rights, may obtain or capture images during the sports event, having been expressly authorised by the organisation for commercial use of the work they performed during the event.

Participants consent to the data transfer to D. Rodrigo González Gutiérrez, event photographer, for promotional and commercial reasons.
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